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HPLC Detectors and Degassers

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Shodex RI-101 Refractive Index Detector

The Shodex model RI-101 is an all-new refractive index detector with several enhancements and improvements that make this the easiest detector to use yet. The unit features a full color LCD that allows the chromatographer to easily check the detector status as well as monitor the detector baseline in real time. An automatic start-up sequence allows the end user to purge, calculate noise and drift values and auto zero before a Ready status is indicated. Temperature can be set from 30 - 50°C in 1°C increments. The RI detector also has a solvent leak sensor that can generate an output signal that will shut down the pump in the unlikely event of a solvent leak inside the detector. A complete series of input/output signal terminals and an RS-232 port allows easy integration with any HPLC system. Extensive help screens and error alert messages guide the user in the event of unusual operation. A validation screen displays temperature, lamp voltage, lamp life, span, noise and drift values thus making a cubersome task very easy. The unit comes with a one year warranty.

New FLOM Degasser Displays Actual Vacuum Level

A real-time LCD display shows the vacuum levels in three different measurement systems (Torr, mbar, Pa). The microprocessor communicates with the vacuum pump and maintains the vacuum level within a 2 Torr range. A vacuum level sensor recognizes leaks immediately and shuts down the vacuum pump automatically. A patented self-cleaning system removes corrosive gasses, guaranteeing a longer life for the vacuum pump while a durable, high-performance DC brushless motor greatly reduces pump noise. Removing dissolved gases in the mobile phase is critical to the stability of pump flow rate and the accurate analysis of samples. The FLOM GASTORR BG-34 and AG-34 Series eliminates problems associated with Helium degassing and provides the most efficient on-line degassing available. Internal volume has been reduced to less than 500 ul saving even more time for set up and solvent used in the system. We recommend the BG-34 4-channel unit priced at only $1995 . Buy multiple units and save even more; call us toll free at 800-495-1678 for details.

HPLC Solvent Degassers

      New Series 300 Intelligent SolventDegasser®

The series 300 degasser from ERC features simple operation with an easy-to-understand display that features real time status monitoring. The 4 channel unit has easily accessible in/outconnectors and pre-swaged tubing. This degasser also automatically cleans itself thus assuring longer pump life and comes with an auxiliary vacuum port to accommodate additional degassing chambers. The series 300 degasser is very easy to validate with automated verification software, user editable vacuum controls and selectable pressure units ( KPa, psi, bar and Torr) that appear on the front panel LCD display. Available in 3 different liquid/gas separation modules that help match specific HPLC applications. For instance, the Model 305UP (4 channel) employs a Teflon® AF (amorphous Teflon) membrane for researchers who wish to minimize the dead volume per channel.  The Model 310 SF (2 channel) employs a well-accepted PTFE membrane module that is configured specifically for those applications using low boiling point solvents such as hexane or hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP).  The Model 310 SP (4 channel) is built around a traditional PTFE membrane module and is a most versatile model.