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HG-400 Series Mercury Analyzer

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Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Open-type aeration

HG-400 with Bubbler HG-400 Mercury Analyzer

Mercury exists in ambient water, materials, foods, and anywhere surrounding us in various status; liquid, vapor, or organic mercuric compounds. This characteristic substance can be harmful to the environment and living organisms when the concentration of Hg occurs, and destroys the nature balance by external factors, and when it reaches a certain level. While Hg can be a key substance in medicinal chemicals. In order to keep a safe amount of Hg in the environment, and in order to lower the amount in human consumption through the eco-system, monitoring how much mercury is contained in what we eat and also what we release is critical.

We are so please to unveil a special, newly developed, and Japaneze-made Mercury Analyzer HG series - designed to allow trace level mercury analysis with enhanced precision and highest accuracy!

Mercury Analyzer - HG Series are needed in the following settings ...

  • Water treatment plants
  • Government testing facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Chemicals
  • Steel / light metals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Electrical & Electronics


HG Series Advantages

  • High Sensitivity - Detection limit 0.5 ppt
  • User Friendly - Color Touch Panel
  • Expandable & Flexible - widest variation of applications

Lower Detection Limits

1ppt vs 0.5 ppt

* comparison based on previous model HG-310 and a 5-ml test

  • Perfect for trace level of mercury detection!
  • The improved optical system and measurement flow path enables the analyzer to lower detection limit until thousandth part of the environmental limit 0.5 ppt of Hg.

HG Series is more cost effective and Environmentally friendly:

  • Smaller sample sizes are needed
  • minimal chemical reagents
  • less waste


7.5 inch color touch enhances operability and viewability! Just touch lightly on a colorful clear view screen to make easy control and analysis.


Build up your ideal system from a wide selection of add-ons:

The HG Series Product Line


Summary of Method

The mercury is reduced to the elemental state and aerated from solution by air bubbling. The mercury vapor passes through an absorption cell in the light path. Mercury concentration is measured by absorbance at 253.7 nm.

* sample pretreatment

Organic and inorganic mercuric compounds are digested and oxidized to convert into mercuric ions before measurement.

*** Example Absorbance Curves of various levels of mercury ***