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CLD-100 Salt Analyzer

Principle of Measurement

Silver ions produced from the silver wire by electrical oxidization in a special electrolyte react with chloride ions in the samples. The concentration of Cl- or NaCl is calculated from the quantity of electricity required to produce silver ions.

Simple Operation

Just inject the sample solution into the electrolyte-filled measuring vessel to obtain rapid and accurate results. Next measurement can be automatically ready with useful “Auto-Start ” setting.

High Speed Measurement

Rapid measurement is achievable (measure 20µL of 1% NaCl standard in only 20 seconds!). Colored samples can also be accurately measured easily using the potentiometric End-Point Detection method.

Safety Materials & Design

Mercury-free and trouble-free sleeve-type reference electrode is adopted for safety.

Easy Maintenance

No standardization of reagent is required in coulometry. No troublesome maintenance work such as reagent filling into flow-path and the dispenser as is required in volumetry.

Extremely Company Design

Only 310mm (W) x 270mm (D) in size means the integrated small-footprint design saves valuable bench space.

Low Running Costs

The reusable electrolyte can be used for several measurements thus achieving real cost savings. (approx. 100 measurements of 20µL of 1% NaCl)

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